We have light !

The plan for this latest day on the car (April 28th 2018) was to start a d finish the front end wiring and to get the lights working.

I left that mostly to Dad as he’s a dab hand with the soldering iron and had been studying the wiring diagrams the previous week.

While Dad cracked on with the wiring (I did dip in and out to help! Honest!!), I wanted to get the rear exhaust hanger replaced.

The exhausts were hanging down and this was as a result of the upper hanger having split in half. I ordered a new stainless steel version from www.Deloreango.com and it’s a great piece of engineering. It’s sure to last for many, many years.


And finally, yes, we have light!!

Dad did a fabulous job. We didn’t need much, if any extra wire. It was more a matter of rejoining (after cleaning) the wires.

Next time I’ll be mostly “pottering”. So this means I’ll be doing some little fixing jobs and tidying up cosmetically some of the external items. I’ll also be replacing some of the external rusty screws with black stainless ones.



First 2 days of work started….

The day after 11477 came home, I had the day off work so I could make a start (with Dad) on seeing what’s what with the DeLorean.

I bought her knowing that the front lights didn’t work, so that was my first job.
I cleaned the contacts in the engine bay…. but that didn’t work. So I pulled off the front grille.
And I was devastated. The wiring had been chewed up and destroyed by a rodent during its time stateside.
I have now removed the lights and pulled the loom as far out as possible so we can spend a day on getting that repaired. Thankfully it was localised to this area and power still reaches the light harness.

I will spend a day on that next time – so we moved on to getting her running nicely. On day one she was running quite well, but a little rich and also the coolant was not circulating!

This was due to the slackness of the old drive belts. So I replaced the alternator belt and AC belt. While I was down there I removed the asbestos heat shield and replaced with a stainless variant.

Started the car, and adjusted the mixture the best we could and all was good. She ran great from cold and then also started from hot without issue.

Coolant flowed brilliantly and the fans kicked in and out. So it has been an awesome few days and she’s come on in leaps and bounds.

I will be back in a few days with an update on the lighting.

11477 is Home!

Today 11477 came home.

She had to make the 3.5 hour journey from Derby on the sellers truck – so she was taken care of very well.

I am told that she was very popular cruising from Derby to South Wales! Lots of camera phones and people pointing. This is a taste of things to come once I’m out and about in her.

She’s now safely tucked up for the night in the garage, ready for day one of fettling. 

First thing is to get her running smoothly and starting reliably. Can’t wait!!

I now own 11477 !

Yes, I am now an owner! It’s been a long journey to get here and WOW!

So she’s a January 1982, Grey leather, 5 speed. And only 15,500 miles on the clock – vin 11477.
Chassis is solid, she runs, drives and has had some preliminary re-commissioning work already done.

She requires an MOT and to be registered, which I will do. But that means I will be the first owner of the car here in the UK.
I’m not sure how many U.S. owners there were, as there’s not much history with her.

Happy Days!

DeLorean buyers guide

I’d like to recommend the DeLorean Essential buyers guide. I received mine just the other day and it is full of useful tips for when you go to view your dream car.

I also believe that it is a good guide even if you were a current owner, as it could serve as a way of checking the various areas outlined in the guide to ensure their upkeep year on year.

I’m by no means affiliated with the book.

But go grab a copy:

DeLorean DMC-12 The Essential Buyers Guide

Still hunting….. still waiting

The Houston DeLorean is currently on the high seas on its way to the U.K.
The condition looks a little rough, but once the bits are sorted it will be a nice car.

There’s also a recent import that I’ve been made aware of and at the moment I cannot confirm where it is, other than it is in the U.K. …… but I can say that it is a grey interior manual and is an ‘82.
Needs some stainless work, has quite low mileage and may just “be the one”
I’m just waiting for the go ahead to go view her…….. I can’t wait!!!

More info to come once it’s official……

Annnnnnd there goes another one !! – But, what’s this??

Well, this past week I’ve been negotiating a deal on a late ’81 Grey Manual…….. buuuuut the seller pulled out last minute! Arrrrrgggh lol

Such a shame. I had arranged for a local classic car specialist to take the DeLorean in and get her on the ramps just so I could satisfy myself that the chassis was good, then I was going to travel up the following day to close the deal.
Unfortunately, that didn’t happen as the seller decided he wanted more money at the Nth hour…….
And I did find out that it has suffered pretty major chassis damage during it’s time in the States, so perhaps it was best that it didn’t work out.

But I think this was another “it wasn’t meant to be” moments – because 2 days prior I had a private message that another Grey Manual is coming in from Texas!
A one owner since 1981, maintained by DMC Houston, dry state car.
It will cost less than the one I just missed, and in better condition….. so win win for me!

If it pans out, I will update accordingly!!

Possible import from DMC Houston…..?

I’ve always liked the thought of importing, however daunting it may seem.
There are lots of shipping companies offering all inclusive solutions at pretty good prices. www.shipmycar.co.uk quoted me £2700 door to door shipping from Houston, which I was impressed with.

The issue however was getting a reliable communication thread open with DMC Houston. I spotted a nice car for $35,000 USD very clean, Texas car with 40k on the clock. It had a replacement “hood” unfortunately, which meant the grooved hood that should be on there was replaced with the later flat version.

I wasn’t that bothered, as long as it all stacked up in condition for the rest of the car. But to date, I haven’t been able to get much info from the guys there, which is a shame……. but I guess they are uber busy on a day to day basis…….

The search continues……………………………….