One thing that’s bugged me since I got 11477 roadworthy was the lack of sounds.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve enjoyed without any radio, I enjoy driving the D.
But having a non functioning radio is annoying. So I wanted to address that.

Enter the Retrosound Santa Barbara. I toiled for a few months over this as I’ve read reviews fitted to DeLoreans and the older model 1 didn’t seem great. But this newest model seems to have it sorted.

On to the fitting…. firstly I removed the old ARA tape deck which I’d hoped to have used but there was literally no saving it. Static was loud and tapes extremely quiet.
I was presented with a load of disgusting wiring….. and yes those scotch locks had to go!!!

As you can see in this next pic, the 80s aftermarket radio installer scotch locked the ARA’s loom to the ASI loom. Naaaaaaasty.

The old ARA “professional series”

Scotch locks removed and loom is now tidy.

Time to unbox the radio to see what I’m dealing with…..(pictured with the ASI loom)

The ASI loom is now soldered and insulated to the ISO loom supplied with the radio.
Also the ignition and constant feed soldered to the other side of the ISO plug.

Then the radio could be built. All quite easy, but time consuming as you need to line up the spindles with the old radio and bend the brackets to fit in the car.

Further adjustment was made when fitting to the car.
I used the supplied fascia behind the dash in order to fill the gap for the smaller radio face.
Then used the ARA radio face to finish the look.

I’m really pleased with this. Not least because I now have 4 functioning speakers, DAB radio, 2 aux inputs, Bluetooth music streaming, hands free calling, usb flash drive input and 32,000 colour options for the screen!!! (I opted for green lol)

And the radio saves the colour option and the radio presets once power is removed from the car. So it’s perfect when hibernating your D!

All in all. I love it….. can’t wait to fit my newly recovered (Lee Pattison) seats and go for a drive!!!

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