It’s been over a month since my last post. Mostly because I’ve just been enjoying the DeLorean.

In total I’ve now put around 600 miles on her since I took ownership.

I managed to get the aircon working. I took it to my Jaguar specialist as they are the best aircon guys I know and they maintain classic jags. As a result they keep the correct drop in gas for the R12 system.

The AC system still had a small amount of R12 and held pressure! Not bad for sitting for 10 years. So she was regassed and I had ice cold aircon. And it was welcome.

The following day I took her on a 90 mile round trip. Everything was perfect. Running sweet and it was cool in the cabin.

BUT – 45 miles in and there was smoke from the rear….. I pulled in to check. Thankfully it was not overheating. But the AC belt was slipping  and therefore started smoking. And also spread rubber shavings everywhere.

She was still running fine, but for some reason idling quite high at around 2,000 rpm……

I completed the journey back to my garage 45 miles away – she ran brilliantly. But the high revs were a bit of a pain.

So I’m now working on fixing that and some other niggles, which I’ll pick up on in my next blog.

For now, enjoy this beauty shot of 11477 I took in Mumbles, Swansea.

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