Yes folks, 11477 is now registered for U.K. roads. I had already purchased an Irish registration “TCZ 585” – I liked it because well, TC are my initials, and Z could be read as apostrophe “S”

Ok, so enough analysis of my registration mark.

June 30th 2018, I finished some longstanding jobs. One was the temperature gauge (yes it’s fixed!!) and the other was a new otterstat.

At the end of that day, I took 11477 out for a little run with Dad, who also got to drive her. (Of course!)
She drove extremely well, drew lots of attention and was just a joy to drive.
Driving on the left of the car takes some getting used to on British roads….. but I’m getting there.

The day after, July 1st 2018, it was time for a longer run. I took 11477 (with the Mrs) up to the Black Mountains and stopped at the top for some fresh air. We were immediately greeted by some lovely bikers who were all over 11477.
As I got out I was greeted to “you’ve made my day mate” 😀

From there we travelled to the Owls Nest in Llandovery. It’s a regular stop for me when on the motorbike, so this place was a must. So much lovely cake to eat there!!
Again, many many people wanting to talk about the car. Many photos taken of her and the obligatory flux capacitor questions were asked. Lol 😀

From there we travelled home, stopped for a KFC, where many more people came to have a look, ask questions and take photos.
It’s a very sociable car this DeLorean 😀

A very enjoyable day (except for the non functioning aircon!)
It was around 50 miles in total, and it was a great test run for the DeLorean – the cooling system was great and the fans kicked in and out. All was awesome!!

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