Today (June 23rd 2018) was just a fiddling day, while I wait for the DVLA to get 11477 registered.

1. Attempt to fix temperature gauge.
Attempted…. and failed… grrrr
I have already installed a new temperature sender. So I tried grounding the cable from the temp sender. Doing this should send the gauge up when ignition is on. Well, for me, it didn’t.
Unfortunately this means there’s a bad connection somewhere.
I checked for continuity between the sender and the connectors on the bulk head and this was fine.
Next is to check between the bulk head and the binnacle…… so I left that for today. I really didn’t want to pull off the binnacle right now.

2. Remove the headliner.
This should be simple…. remove the 4 screws holding the sun visors in place and this will allow you to slide the headlining back and down.
But of course…. all the screws were rusted solid!
Every one snapped off and one took me over 30 mins with mole grips to break off. What an absolute pain.
Once they were out, the headlining dropped down, ready to be recovered.
Then I removed the 4 rusty brackets and put them in a vice to remove the remainder of the rusty screws. Then I just need to find some new screws to fit the brackets for when I put the headliner back. I’ll have to rivet brackets back in place before that.

3. Bolt down the roof box and re-align the louvres
I’d already bolted the box down, but I wanted to tighten the bolts some more before aligning the louvres.
The louvres can be a pain. But first loosen the 4 bolts and remove the struts.
Then close the louvres and use a 13mm socket to tighten the louvres in place. I used a universal joint on a socket extension to achieve this.

4. One reverse light not working
It wasn’t that important, but I want it to work!! Lol
Anyway, I removed the driver side light, cleaned the contacts on the connector and boom, 2 reverse lights. Easy! Yay

5. LED license plate lights
While I was at the back I thought I’d get the led festoon bulbs installed. They give off a warm glow, so they look light incandescent bulbs.
I’ll just say, these things are a pain in the backside to put back on! I had to remove the tail light to get my hand inside the bumper in order to hold the brackets in place for the license plate lights!! What a faff!! 🙂

Next time I think I’ll try to tackle the temp sender for the umpteenth time!! So it’ll be a removal of the binnacle!!! 😮

Also, if I have time, perhaps re covering the headliner boards and re-install. That would be a nice thing to have done.

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