Before I could set off for the MOT, I had to fix the leaky fuel line on the frequency valve.
I have a full braided set of replacement hoses, so I just replaced the leaky one to get me to the MOT – the rest will be done soon after.

My dad and I completed a few final basic checks. Lights, horn, wipers, etc. All was good.

Then the time came to hop in and drive 11477 for the first time!!

The MOT station was 15 miles away, so it would certainly be a good shake down for the car – plus, as is the norm here in South Wales, it was pouring with rain!

She ran perfectly! Such a beautiful drive and with no problems whatsoever! Gears were smooth, acceleration was excellent and handling… well, that was spot on to. The best description I gave my Dad was that is was like a go-kart!
Honestly, she drove so well….. I’m even more hooked on these cars now I’ve driven one properly!

So, sorry, down to the topic we’re here for, the MOT.

In short, SHE PASSED!
Yes, passed with zero advisories I might add. It was really nice to get a good look underneath. She was really clean and solid under there.

The MOT guy doesn’t really know what a DeLorean is, in a way, this was good, because he was complimenting how nice the car was and how much work had been done to get her where she is.
So that meant a lot to me as Dad and I had certainly put many hours into the car to get her here.

So, she passed, and then I got to enjoy a spirited 15 mile drive back home and it didn’t disappoint. Once again the drive was so very enjoyable……

Now, to fill in the registration forms and get the DVLA to get 11477 road legal!! Just 2 or 3 weeks to wait and I should have the new owners certificate and I can drive her on the road!!!

I still have work to do on her. Mostly cosmetics now. I’ll update here as I complete work……

Lastly…. WOOOOO HOOOOOO !!!!!

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