Saturday June 9th was a long and tiring day.

Actually it was the most tiring of the whole project!
I thought it was going to be the easiest, as the jobs left were to be minimal……..

1. Finish the chassis protection now it’s off the blocks.
This was a nice easy start and was really the only thing needed to ensure she was presentable for the MOT.
But I had other jobs I thought I could squeeze in…..

2. Reverse switch
Nice and easy to swap out while I was under the car sorting the chassis. Unscrew the old, screw in the new. And hey presto, reverse lights!

3. Temperature sender
This was a job I’ve dreaded since day one of having the car in the garage.
It was easy enough once you figure out how best to get your hands down there.
Prepare to lose water!! So make sure you have some coolant on hand to top it off afterwards.

4. And here’s the problem…. Fuel leak!!!
Yes, whilst accessing the temp sender, we moved the fuel lines attached to the fuel frequency valve out of the way. As I’m doing this it broke the seal on one of the lines…… and damn….. fuel leak onto the engine……
Heart sank……

But as I’ve been told, these are 37 year old fuel lines….. and they cause engine fires!!! So it happened at the right time.
As a result, I’ve ordered a full set of replacement stainless braided fuel lines.
An absolute must!

5. Roof box bolt down.
I bought the kit from DGo and it was really quite easy to do. And well worth £16 for the peace of mind.

Next Saturday the 16th is MOT day. So between now and then I will have to fit the frequency valve fuel line to get me to the MOT. Then I will fit the rest of lines after the MOT.

Watch this space….. hopefully my next post will be some news from the MOT station…. good or bad, I will report it here.

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