I’m afraid this post will be rather light on media – so bear with me 🙂

The latest works carried out:

1. New fuel sender fitted.
I’m so glad this is now in place! I can actually see the amount of fuel I have – and the low fuel light works!!
Very pleased with this.

2. New rear light boards installed.
These were manufactured by DeLorean Europe. The old ones worked…. but unreliabley. Whilst these were plug and play, I had to modify the connectors slightly to allow me to install the rear fog light conversion…….

3. Fog light conversion.
Yes so whilst quite simple, it is a little time consuming. But I’m working things out as I go along, so it will take a little longer. I won’t bore you with details, because I’d only be re bashing someone else’s instructions.
But if you’re stuck, give me a shout 🙂

4. Engine oil and filter change.
I went with 10w/40 Castrol GTX semi-synthetic and a Mahle oil filter.
There’s a few methods on the refill amount.
She should take up to about 8 litres.
I stopped at 7 litres, ran the car a little and then rechecked the level.
Then topped it off a little so that the level on the stick is in between the notches.

5. Gearbox oil change.
For this I used Comma 75w/90 GL5 spec, as recommended.
IMPORTANT TIP: Remove the filler bolt BEFORE the drain bolt! It might seem obvious, and it’s usually mentioned most places when you’re google about the oil change.
But it’s worth mentioning here too I think.


And that’s it for this instalment. It was a long day of important work. These last important jobs basically mean I can get her MOTd ready to register her.

My next few jobs are just tidying up some final bits on the chassis and a final check over pre MOT……. ooooooooo, I can’t wait!!!!!!

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