Fiddling while I wait for the V5

Today (June 23rd 2018) was just a fiddling day, while I wait for the DVLA to get 11477 registered. 1. Attempt to fix temperature gauge. Attempted…. and failed… grrrr I have already installed a new temperature sender. So I tried grounding the cable from the temp sender. Doing this should send the gauge up when ignition […]

MOT Day June 16th 2018

Before I could set off for the MOT, I had to fix the leaky fuel line on the frequency valve. I have a full braided set of replacement hoses, so I just replaced the leaky one to get me to the MOT – the rest will be done soon after. My dad and I completed […]

Final jobs pre-MOT – but there’s a problem…

Saturday June 9th was a long and tiring day. Actually it was the most tiring of the whole project! I thought it was going to be the easiest, as the jobs left were to be minimal…….. 1. Finish the chassis protection now it’s off the blocks. This was a nice easy start and was really […]

New fuel sender, oils, light boards!!

I’m afraid this post will be rather light on media – so bear with me 🙂 The latest works carried out: 1. New fuel sender fitted. I’m so glad this is now in place! I can actually see the amount of fuel I have – and the low fuel light works!! Very pleased with this. 2. […]