The day after 11477 came home, I had the day off work so I could make a start (with Dad) on seeing what’s what with the DeLorean.

I bought her knowing that the front lights didn’t work, so that was my first job.
I cleaned the contacts in the engine bay…. but that didn’t work. So I pulled off the front grille.
And I was devastated. The wiring had been chewed up and destroyed by a rodent during its time stateside.
I have now removed the lights and pulled the loom as far out as possible so we can spend a day on getting that repaired. Thankfully it was localised to this area and power still reaches the light harness.

I will spend a day on that next time – so we moved on to getting her running nicely. On day one she was running quite well, but a little rich and also the coolant was not circulating!

This was due to the slackness of the old drive belts. So I replaced the alternator belt and AC belt. While I was down there I removed the asbestos heat shield and replaced with a stainless variant.

Started the car, and adjusted the mixture the best we could and all was good. She ran great from cold and then also started from hot without issue.

Coolant flowed brilliantly and the fans kicked in and out. So it has been an awesome few days and she’s come on in leaps and bounds.

I will be back in a few days with an update on the lighting.

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