The Houston DeLorean is currently on the high seas on its way to the U.K.
The condition looks a little rough, but once the bits are sorted it will be a nice car.

There’s also a recent import that I’ve been made aware of and at the moment I cannot confirm where it is, other than it is in the U.K. …… but I can say that it is a grey interior manual and is an ‘82.
Needs some stainless work, has quite low mileage and may just “be the one”
I’m just waiting for the go ahead to go view her…….. I can’t wait!!!

More info to come once it’s official……

2 thoughts on “Still hunting….. still waiting

  • Dave

    Hi Tristan – let me know when you get your D – had mine just 6 months and as you seen in the eurotec forum it passed the mot last week but still needs a bit more work – I’m down west in Milford Haven so not far away

    • Hey Dave – yeah glad your D got through the MOT, great to see 🙂

      I’ve got 2 potentials coming up for me soon….. so I’m hopeful. They will both need work to get them up to par, but they will both be daily drivers from the off, so I can’t wait!! 🙂

      Speak soon,

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