DeLorean buyers guide

I’d like to recommend the DeLorean Essential buyers guide. I received mine just the other day and it is full of useful tips for when you go to view your dream car. I also believe that it is a good guide even if you were a current owner, as it could serve as a way […]

Still hunting….. still waiting

The Houston DeLorean is currently on the high seas on its way to the U.K. The condition looks a little rough, but once the bits are sorted it will be a nice car. There’s also a recent import that I’ve been made aware of and at the moment I cannot confirm where it is, other […]

Annnnnnd there goes another one !! – But, what’s this??

Well, this past week I’ve been negotiating a deal on a late ’81 Grey Manual…….. buuuuut the seller pulled out last minute! Arrrrrgggh lol Such a shame. I had arranged for a local classic car specialist to take the DeLorean in and get her on the ramps just so I could satisfy myself that the […]

All quiet on the Western Front……. or is it?

After the disappointment of missing out the other day, there are now around 5 potential DeLoreans I know that are about to enter the market….. all UK based………. unfortunately I don’t have any info to share at this point, other than everything could kick off for me in the next few weeks! So watch this […]