The search actually began back in January 2018. Despite many false starts to owning a DeLorean, the earliest being back in 2002, this year is actually going to be THE year!

Let’s go back….. right back!
It was 1980 something……… I was around 8 years old……… no I had not yet seen Back To The Future…… that was yet to come. But it was at this young age I was first exposed to the stainless beauty.

It came in the form of a small photograph of my Dad, sitting in a DeLorean outside a dealership in Atlanta in the early 80s. From what I understand, he was on a business trip to U.S and this was one of the sites he saw in his down time.
That small photo of my Dad in a metal finish car with doors aloft…… well it had an instant impression and fuelled my passion for the car.
That photo is in-grained on my memory and my instant association is Dad = DeLorean….. it’s a powerful link for me.
I don’t want to get all sentimental on these blogs, but I wanted to set the backstory, because you will see both myself and Dad getting our DeLorean up to snuff as these blogs stack up.

The DeLorean has yet to be purchased……. but I have my eye on a Black interior, Automatic that may be coming up for sale later this year. Now I always wanted a Grey interior Manual……. but hey, “a DeLorean, is a DeLorean, is a DeLorean” – Basically, if it’s the best car for the budget you have…… who cares what colour the leather is or what transmission it has….?
(credit to Chris Parnham from the DOC for the quote 🙂 )

That being said, I have my ear to ground and my eyes on the interwebs for any and all DeLoreans within my budget……

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